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Unlocking the Future: Networking & Telecom Essentials

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Why this Training?

Elevate your career in Networking & Telecommunication with our 15-day mastery program. Gain hands-on experience, master cutting-edge technologies, and prepare for industry certifications.

Here are some key benefits

Training Curriculum

Day 1-3: Introduction to Networking

Networking Fundamentals

OSI Model and Protocols

Basics of Network Security

Day 4-6: Network Design and Architecture

Network Topologies

Subnetting and IP Addressing

Routing and Switching

Day 7-9: Wireless and Mobile Networking

Wireless Technologies

Mobile Communication

IoT Connectivity

Day 10-12: Network Security

Cybersecurity Essentials

Firewalls and Intrusion Detection

Encryption and VPNs

Day 13-15: Telecommunication

Telecommunication Principles

VoIP and Unified Communications

Emerging Trends in Networking & Telecom

Experience hands-on learning, real projects, and industry recognition.