Material Science

A 15-Day Intensive Material Science Training Program

Exploring the World of Materials

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₹ 15,000



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Training Level

Why this Training?

Dive into the world of Material Science with our intensive training. Explore the properties and applications of diverse materials, from metals to polymers. Gain hands-on experience and unlock the secrets of materials that shape our modern world

Here are some key benefits

Training Curriculum

Day 1-3: Introduction to Material Science

Overview of Material Science

Importance and Applications

Role of Materials in Engineering

Day 7-9: Properties of Materials

Mechanical Properties

Thermal Properties

Electrical and Magnetic Properties

Day 10-12: Material Testing and Analysis

Tensile Testing

Hardness Testing

Microstructure Analysis

Day 13-15: Material Applications and Case Studies

Material Selection for Engineering Applications

Failure Analysis and Fracture Mechanics

Advanced Materials and Future Trends

Final Project: Material Testing and Analysis Report

Experience hands-on learning, real projects, and industry recognition.