Iots, IoTTs & Robotics

15-Day Intensive IoT, IoTTs, and Robotics Training Program

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Why this Training?

Join our program to explore IoT, connecting devices for automation. IoTTs expand this, including a wide array of objects. Robotics focuses on developing and using robots for diverse tasks

Here are some key benefits

Training Curriculum

Day 1: Introduction to IoT and Robotics

Overview of IoT and Robotics

Importance and Applications

Setting Training Objectives

Day 2-4: IoT Fundamentals

IoT Ecosystem and Architecture

Sensors and Actuators

Data Acquisition Techniques

Day 5-7: Communication Protocols and Networking

IoT Communication Protocols (e.g., MQTT, HTTP)

Networking in IoT

Hands-on: Setting Up IoT Network

Day 8-10: Data Processing and Analytics

Data Processing in IoT

IoT Data Analytics and Visualization

Hands-on: Analyzing Sensor Data

Day 11-12: IoT Security and Privacy

IoT Security Challenges

Encryption and Authentication

Security Best Practices

Day 13-15: Robotics and Integration

Introduction to Robotics

Types of Robots and Applications

Robotic Sensors and Actuators

Robotics Programming and Control

Final Project: Implement an IoT or Robotics Project

Experience hands-on learning, real projects, and industry recognition.